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Mission Statement

Saporta Law Offices is dedicated to the zealous representation of its clients.


I entered this profession to help people.  I established this law practice so I would have the freedom to practice in the areas of law that interested me, without having to answer to anyone other than my clients.





With the exception of two years working as a judicial clerk for the Honorable Alfred J. Pivarnik of the Indiana Supreme Court, I have been actively engaged in the practice of law since 1987.  During the course of my career, I have litigated a wide variety of both civil and criminal cases, in both state and federal court, at both the trial and appellate court level.  Cases have included: defending a double x felony case with co-counsel before a twelve person jury to a not guilty verdict; prosecuting a number of medical malpractice cases whose average settlement exceeded $100,000; successfully defending an antitrust case with co-counsel which resulted in our clients being able to remain in business and retain revenues in excess of $1,500,000; successfully removing the Office of State Guardian and installing our client in its place as successor legal guardian of his mentally and physically disabled brother, who previously had been removed from the client's custody and placed in a group home; defending scores of homeowners since 2005 facing foreclosure, allowing many to refinance their mortgage obligations or otherwise resolve their cases on an amicable basis, procuring orders of dismissal in other cases where the facts warrrant it, bringing counterclaims against the lenders and successor institutions where the facts warrant it, and generally keeping people in their homes well beyond the average time it takes a bank to procure an order of possession in these cases.

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